5 Thermostat Tips For Hot Weather

Is the summer season fast approaching? If that is so, you better get yourself ready for the increasing heat each day! But honestly, there is no need for you to be exhausted by the boiling hot temperature as long as you have good working air conditioning at home. If you have one, then you are indeed a wise and practical homeowner. However, malfunctions are inevitable, which is why it is essential to have a well-established company that you can always rely on for quality and highly satisfactory thermostat installation and repair services like the well-trusted Culver City Best Heating and Air Conditioning. 

To better make use of your AC, install a thermostat at home. A thermostat is a device that detects a temperature for the purpose of maintaining an enclosed area’s temperature. Here are some helpful and advantageous thermostat tips for the scorching weather

  • You Should Keep an Eye on the Humidity – If there is a lot of moisture or high humidity, your body’s sweat glands won’t function effectively, resulting in a much hotter temperature. The recommended indoor humidity range for comfort and to avoid harmful effects on your health is between 35 and 60 percent. There is a high possibility that you will attain health problems if you spend time in your home or any enclosed area where the humidity is more than 60%.
  • Acquire a Programmable Thermostat – Many homeowners often forget to change their thermostat settings whenever they go outside. A programmable thermostat is the best option to have that will let you set the temperature according to your preferences at different times of the day. You can set it 20 minutes before you come home or any preferred time, so you will enjoy a comforting temperature when you arrive.
  • Ideal Temperature Settings Whenever You’re Away – Keeping your home temperature higher than usual is highly recommended for thermostat users when you’re away. Set it to 7 to 10 degrees higher compared to your day-to-day temperature, or specifically set it to 31 C to save energy and money.
  • Best Temperature Settings if You’re at Home – For you to have a comfortable home this summer season, set your temperature settings to 26 C. With this level, you can already attain a comforting temperature while not worrying about a high electricity bill. There is no need for you to lower your temperature settings so much as the given level of temperature is enough to comfort you.
  • Recommended Temperature Settings When Sleeping – The ideal sleeping temperature in a room is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius). Depending on the person, this may vary by a few degrees, but for the most comfortable sleep, most doctors advise keeping the thermostat set between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius).

Factors You Must Consider When Installing a Thermostat

There are a lot of ways that you can optimize your home comfort, and one of them is to install a thermostat. Having a thermostat lends you so many advantages as an owner and user compared to other homeowners who don’t have one. Some of the benefits you can freely acquire are hassle-free scheduling of your AC’s temperature when going out and reduced energy consumption for a less electricity bill. If you decide to have a thermostat installation in your home, you must be extra careful in choosing what thermostat so you can have the right one. Set your standards and know your needs. With this, trust Culver City Best Heating and Air Conditioning, the number one to call thermostat installation and repair services.

For your guide, the list below are the factors you must ponder as they play a vital role in buying the best thermostat:

  1. Know if You Really Need a Thermostat  – Buying and installing a thermostat is highly costly and time-consuming for homeowners which is why you must determine first if you need one in your home. If you find no disturbances or hassle at all while using your HVAC units, then there is no need for you to have a thermostat. But if you find it hard to use your units and you experience disruptions at home, then a thermostat is good option to have.
  2. Wiring – If you have an old thermostat, consider checking the wire to know if it fits with the new one you’ve bought, as there are thermostats that have distinct wires. If this is the first time you will buy, and you choose to have a programmable type of thermostat, you will only need two voltage wires in installing it. But if it’s a smart thermostat, it requires a C-wire. For safety purposes, it is recommended to hire a certified HVAC contractor to do the work.
  3. Decide What Type of Thermostat – There are two common types of thermostats: programmable and smart. If you are about to buy, you must first decide what suits your needs and standards best, so it will be hassle-free and won’t be time-consuming in making your decision. Moreover, the two are highly different from each other; therefore, it will be easy for you to distinguish the two.
  4. Check if it’s Compatible with Your HVAC System – Before you buy a thermostat, it is an ideal thing to do to check first the features of your HVAC unit at home. In choosing a thermostat, you better read the packaging or any conditions included with it to ensure its compatibility with your HVAC system.
  5. Hire a Certified HVAC Contractor – There are homeowners that don’t have the capacity to install a thermostat by themselves which is why it is recommended for them to employ an HVAC contractor that is certified. It is the best option because aside from stress-free thermostat installation, you are guaranteed that the work is 100% safe, especially in terms of the wiring and your thermostat will be working efficiently. You can also ask the contractor for some tips on how to use it.

When in need of thermostat installation and HVAC repair services that suit your standards, hire the well-trusted provider – Culver City Best Heating and Air Conditioning. For more details, give us a call now!


Factors You Must Consider When Installing a Thermostat

Installing a thermostat is one of the many ways you can make your AC run more efficiently. If you have one, you’ll have several advantages over other households. If you wish to have an installation, you must be particular in buying the best.

For your reference, the following list includes the factors that are crucial in buying the right thermostat:

  1. Know if You Need a Thermostat  – You must first decide whether you need a thermostat because doing so can be costly and time-consuming. 
  2. Wiring – If you have an old thermostat, check the wire if it fits with the new one, as thermostats have distinct wires. 
  3. Decide What Type of Thermostat – The popular types of thermostats are smart and programmable, you must first choose which one best meets your needs and expectations.
  4. Check the Compatibility – It is best to evaluate the features of your HVAC system first before you purchase a thermostat so you would know if they are compatible.
  5. Hire a Certified HVAC Contractor – Employing a HVAC contractor is the best thing to do since you won’t need to be stressed in installing a thermostat.